About Us
Jedi Media is a performance based internet advertising company, using mass traffic purchase abilities to deliver targeted results to advertisers and agencies through the Jedi network.

Jedi Media ensures performance oriented advertising model, where partners only pay for generated results, increased ROI and CTR, whilst optimizing acquisition costs. Each partner has its own tailored solution set forth & detailed from the get go through specified milestones on a monthly progress basis. This flexible yet determined approach has led Jedi Media throughout its evolution for the past 5 years and set its position as a market leading advertising company.

Now employing over 100 people at purpose-designed offices in USA, Cyprus and Turkey, Jedi Media continues to be a leading advertising & affiliate program solution provider.


03.2009 - An international new site was launched selling various products related to English and other languages: www.XYZgold.com
10.2008 - Jedimedia reaches over 24 Million unique visitors per month.
4.2007 - Jedi Media launches the Jedi Network Affiliation Program!
2.2007 - USA Official Green Card joins the Jedi Network and boosts ROI over 130%!
12.2006 - Jedi Media reaches 10,000,000 exposures each month!